Red vs. Blue مشاهدة و تحميل مسلسل مترجم جميع المواسم بجودة عالية: Season 6

May. 26, 2008
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Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction is the sixth season of the action-comedy machinima series Red vs. Blue, produced by Rooster Teeth Productions and distributed via the Rooster Teeth website. Red vs Blue: Reconstruction is set over a year after The Blood Gulch Chronicles and picks up where the Red vs. Blue: Recovery One miniseries left off. The credits for the trailer state that Reconstruction stars several voices from the original Blood Gulch Chronicles, as well as Recovery One voice actor Shannon McCormick. On May 26, Rooster Teeth released Chapter One of Reconstruction. The season begins an era of Red vs. Blue known as The Recollection Trilogy which refers to the sixth, seventh, and eight season of the series. The season concluded on October 30, 2008 with the 19th chapter. It was followed up by the Relocated mini-series, and then by the seventh season entitled Red vs. Blue: Recreation. Reconstruction retcons many of the major plot points from the Blood Gulch Chronicles, such as the Freelancers and the civil war, making the series into more of a dramedy than the parody that was.

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